Faces of Pain

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Product Description

A patient’s self-report is the most reliable indicator of pain. When the patient is unable to verbalize or understand a numeric pain scale, use of a faces of pain assessment tool can prove beneficial. The Faces of Pain set includes six free-standing squeezable rubber heads, approximately 3” x 2½” x 2½”, each designed with a facial expression that depicts a level of pain ranging from no pain to worst pain.

How to Use

During the pain assessment procedure, place the set of Faces of Pain in full view of the patient, preferably at eye level. Ask the patient to select the one face that most closely illustrates the current level of pain or best expresses how the patient feels today. Each facial expression is correlated to the standard numeric pain scale model.

The faces are labeled from 1 to 6 as follows


Face #1

Pain scale = 0
Patient is alert and smiling
Verbal Descriptor = No pain
ESP Faces of Pain Descriptor = No Pain


Face #2

Pain scale = 2
Patient has no humor and is serious/flat
Verbal Descriptor = Mild pain
ESP Faces of Pain Descriptor = Little Pain


Face #3

Pain scale = 4
Patient has a furrowed brow, pursed lips and is holding their breath
Verbal Descriptor = Moderate pain
ESP Faces of Pain Descriptor = Little More Pain


Face #4

Pain scale = 6
Patient has a wrinkled nose, raised upper lips and rapid breathing
Verbal Descriptor = Moderate pain
ESP Faces of Pain Descriptor = Even More Pain


Face #5

Pain scale = 8
Patient is blinking slowly and their mouth is open
Verbal Descriptor = Severe pain
ESP Faces of Pain Descriptor = Whole Lot of Pain


Face #6

Pain scale = 10
Patient has their eyes closed or wide open, moans and cries
Verbal Descriptor = Worst pain possible
ESP Faces of Pain Descriptor = Worst Pain

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